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MetaCorp and Jeon donate AFL. 12.633 to local foundations

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

MetaCorp and Jeon donate AFL. 6.316,50 to Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad (FPNC) and AFL. 6.316,50 to Fundacion pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad (FHMD)

The pandemic has brought hard times to the Aruban community and imperiled food security for many families and individuals across to island. As a response to the pandemic, MetaCorp re-opened its iconic Drive-In Theater in Kibaima on the 29th of July 2020 with a spectacular car concert by Jeon, in cooperation with Elite Productions, The Movies and Balashi Brewery.

Jeon, Gianaika van der Biezen (FPNC), Eddie de Veer (MetaCorp), Audrey Croes (FHMD), Mark Benson Denz (Elite Productions) Joe Davis (The Movies)

All proceeds of that concert are now being donated to two foundations that directly support the local community with food baskets as well as support and guide victims of domestic violence. “The original idea behind the concert was to share a message of hope, bringing music and joy during this challenging time while supporting the local community with funds for food”, says Jeon, who initiated the plan for a charity concert. “The reopened Drive-In Theater was the perfect location to do this. It’s an ideal entertainment setting that allows for social distancing and complies with all the health procedures provided by our government.“

As one of the largest employers on the island, MetaCorp is dedicated to supporting initiatives in the wider Aruban community. Eddie de Veer, CEO of MetaCorp: “In times like these we must stick together and think of the bigger picture. Aruba is its people and we are happy that we can give something back. It takes not only a great idea, but also the unified strength of great partners to pull something impactful together. With our common effort we were able to raise a remarkable amount that will directly support the ones in need.”

About FPNC:

Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad (FPNC) is the official foodbank on Aruba since 2009. It supports vulnerable groups and volunteer-initiatives across the Aruban community. Their mission is to avoid and fight poverty, emotional distress and social exclusion in the broadest sense of the word. FPNC promotes participation, poverty care and the complete welfare on Aruba. During the Covid-19 crisis, under coordination from the Red Cross, FPNC has provided more than 17.800 food baskets to people in need.

About FHMD:

Fundacion pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad (FHMD) provides support and guidance to victims of domestic violence and helps spread awareness with the goal of ending domestic violence on Aruba. FHMD offers guidance after encountering domestic violence, temporary housing in times of crisis, psychological as well as legal help when needed. FHMD gives counseling and lectures to ambulatory clients such as to schools and empower women in order to make them less vulnerable to accept domestic violence as the norm.


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