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Scol Duna un Man at Gloria

One of Metacorps’ key pillars of impact has always been our focus on providing support and partnership where we could to the disabled community on the island.

As a result, it was our absolute pleasure to host Scol Duna un Man for a morning of fun at Gloria!

Scol Duna un Man is an elementary school for special education, for children with a high level of difficulty in learning and is part of S.V.G.A, a foundation focused on guiding and supporting disabled individuals ( Stichting voor Verstandelijk Gehandicapten Aruba).

The children at Scol Duna un Man are between 4 to 16 years of age and have cognitive, social and emotional disabilities and / or physical limitations.

It can prove challenging for the school to organize outings, so we were excited to offer the children of Scol Duna un Man a morning of enjoyable and safe Stay & Play at Gloria!


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